About the Blog

The blog will mostly talk about random things. I like so many things, some stay for really long time and some just come-and-go. And I’d like to keep track of them by writing down these things here. Maybe I can share the likings with people out there. And that’ll be an honour for me.

I am an Indonesian. As English is not my primary language, there might be many errors here and there. I’ll try my best to write in English (as it is a form of maintaining my proficiency), but then allow me to write in Indonesian too (and maybe I’ll insert some bahasa here and there, so bear with me).

The images/pictures here, I’ll put the credit to the owner or myself if they’re mine. But otherwise stated, then it is the result of some googling ^^.

And because it is a “free world” here on the net, feel free to drop me comment or whatever. But I will show you respect when you’re polite. Because basically we are just human-beings.

So there it is!