Have seen, heard so many, too many stories. Too many reasons, too many motives, too many heartbreaks, too many tears, too many apologies, some forgiveness, some separations. Happiness, satisfaction, greed, pride, longing, bravery, love. Anger, fear, stupidity, despair, shame, inferiority, depression, disgust, hate.

“That person is so much better.”

“I am bored. I need something new.”

“Because that person is more beautiful.”

“I’ve found my true love.”

“That person is boring.”

“I’m just curious.”

“That person is too demanding, I feel suffocated.”

“No particular reason.”

“We are too different.”

“That person understands me more.”

“One is just not enough.”

“I no longer care.”

“It’s all for fun.”

“That person is no longer the same person I knew.”

“I fall in love again.”

“I fell out of love.”

“I’m sick of that person.”

“That person no longer cares about me.”

“Just too many arguments.”

“It just won’t work out.”

“That person is pathetic.”

“I am not happy.”

“That person can’t understand me.”

“Let’s just go our separate ways.”

“I hate that person.”

“This is only temporary.”

“No strings attached.”

“Let’s break up.”

“I can no longer tolerate that person.”

“The sex is great!”

“That person is my happiness.”

“That person has no time for me.”

“Money talks.”

“I can share my heart for two. Piece of cake.”

“I am happier without that person.”

“We are just in THAT stage of relationship. It’s not always bed of roses.”

“I can not trust that person anymore.”

“Is this relationship the right thing for me?”

“No more desire with that person…”

“This is so wrong.”

“This feels so right.”

“How could you?”

“Why can’t we?”

“Can we?”

“Is it all worth it?”

“If only…”


One thing leads to another.

People change with time. Or they are just assholes–the original, best kind of assholes. Sometimes it’s in the genes.

Or is it simply fate? Or fate is just for them to justify what’s inevitable; that they just can’t control their hormone?

Is it wrong to be in love? Is it right to be unfaithful?

It used to work. Not anymore. It used to work. It should still work now.

Grow old with you. Grow out of love because of you.

It’s not one man’s fault. It takes two to tango. The cheater and the cheated? The cheater and the cheater? The cheated and the cheater? The cheated and the cheated?

People make mistakes. People have brain for goodness sake. And sometimes heart too.

It’s so human. Yet so inhumane.

Blame God because it happened. Blame God because He created such kind of disgusting act. Thank God because it ever happened. Thank God because He created love.

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