The Ten Omen?

So this is quite an embarrassingbutnotreally dream I had last night. I dreamed Ten. The Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Sigh… I mean I like him eversince Hit The Stage, but I don’t want to like him as a biased-stanning-hardcore teenage fangirl–I am a 30-something for goodness so you know my point. And I’m gonna spazz him like there’s no tomorrow! Ashdjfbsudjdbeksbsjsisgaffatrrahshayauq!!!

But then even in the dream he was SOOOOO SWEET OW MY GOD MY SUGAR LEVEL UP UP UPPPP!!

Smile that heals! (Credit: & as tagged)

He is always sweet as far as I know (so of course he should be sweet too even in my dream), but but but… 😍😍😍

Ugh, my heart! (Credit: & as tagged)

But he was sweet to ME! I mean, okay, it was a dream, but can I have that kind of dream again, pwetty pweeeeaase?

All sugary things combined! (Credit: & as tagged)

I mean, in real life, he is already super likeable and has that potential for me to stan him, but then again I don’t think I can handle one more thing to occupy me more. But then the dream last night was a remembrance that I’ve always liked him from the first time I noticed him in the first episode of that dance competition.

He just shone. And I think his smile is everything sunshine spring unicorn!

I mean look at THIS GORGEOUS BEING! My eyes… (Credit: & as tagged)

And that dream makes me want to stan him more seriously 😭

Plus his side profile! Uuugh, enough enoughghghg! (Credit: & as tagged)

Should I, void?

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