Why Pink&Blue Theme here??



Hahaha… So maybe as you’ve known already the pantone colours of 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Errrr… Why do they name it so hard? They are basically pink and blue!


(Credit: anonabi@twitter)

They are YongSeo colours too, and their respective groups’ colours SNSD and CNBLUE. Gogumas think highly of both colours. So hopefully, this year is gonna be good for us! Amen to that!


Very lovely combination, aren’t they? (Credit: blog.shopathome.com)

And the most important thing, they are my favourite colours for years already. While the usual pink and blue make a good harmony for contrast (and they are good too to differentiate between boys and girls thing), the softer tone for both colours are relaxing and peaceful to the eyes. Don’t you think?

Because I love these colours, I don’t have any plan to change the tone of this blog even after 2016 ends… At least not in the near future ^^


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