Doctor-X: “I never fail”


Doctor-X (credit: owner/Google)

So since last month I’ve been following this dorama in one of cable TV stations: Doctor-X. It is a fun dorama.

If you look for a simple dorama with medical theme, which will not bother your emotional state too much, then this is the answer, though I myself quite addicted to it. So far I have watched untilΒ the 8th episode of second season. And soon there’ll be season 3 in the cable. And I read rumour that they are going to make the season 4 too.

There are one-two surgery cases in each episode. And usually the patient(s) has some background story which will be unfold as the minutes go. And of course there is this so called “hospital politics” that is the main plot for each season.


Daimon Michiko (credit: owner/Google

It is very funny yet intriguing seeing how dr. Daimon Michiko handles the troubles around her. She is a careFREE FREElance who loves FREE meal (lame, I know πŸ˜‚).


Kanbara Akira & Daimon Michiko (credit: owner/Google)

And I love dr. Kanbara Akira and his melon (melon, literally), so witty yet very resourceful. He has this signature smirk which adds to his character’s mystery. I suppose up until the mid of second season, his background is still a bit blurry… Was he also the Doctor X? Wasn’t he who did the surgery in wherever that was and lost his medical license? I haven’t reached the finale of season 2 so I don’t know whether that question from season 1 will be answered…


Kaji Hideki (credit: owner/Google)

Another character I like is dr. Kaji Hideki from season 1–and he is the guest on episode 8 of season 2, so excited! He loves money! LOL… Don’t we all do? So he is a rather funny character, because sometimes he gets either tongue-tied or slip his tongue because of Daimon’s words or behaviour. But in season 1, he later became one of those who supported her and got kicked out from the hospital πŸ˜‚. But then he said he wanted to stay at university hospital’s surgery room, because money always scattered there πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚.


Kaji Hideki & Daimon Michiko (credit: owner/Google)

I must admit that dr. Kondo is pretty handsome, but I kinda like dr. Kaji more. He’s old but quite okay LOL (because sometimes he reminds me of Han Jae Suk)! And he is funny. I low-low-low-key ship him with dr. Daimon–they’ll make funny couple, LMAO!! And he usually calls Daimon-sensei as Demon-sensei πŸ˜‚. I love it when they bicker. Hilarious! But then he breaks my heart on episode 8 of season 2 when he asked a nurse (an old one FYI) to prepare to meet his mom! ROFL!! My ship sank πŸ˜‚πŸ˜§πŸ˜΅!!

I look forward to the dorama every night (or most of the time watch the recorded episode instead the next day LOL). I love it!

Maybe the little lacking part of this dorama is the background musics from season 1 and 2 is still the same (and maybe also for the next seasons 😧…). But Daimon-sensei’s hair is getting shorter as the seasons go, so I guess that compensates, LOL πŸ˜†.

My husband who is quite foreign to dorama said last night after watching it for a bit, that it is rather stiff as what he thinks of Japanese people (prejudice indeed)… Sigh, I told him this one is actually rather comical. Because he watched the part where they were doing the bow and “gyoi” thingy. Maybe he needs to watch more dorama, since he’s only familiar to K-drama… πŸ˜’


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