My Ultimate Favourites (Part I): Huan Zhu Gege


Huan Zhu Gege (credit: owner/Google)

This is a Chinese TV series broadcasted long, long time ago. I first watched it maybe in 1999 (???) when I was in junior high. Wait! It was 17 years ago… Wowzer!


Xia Ziwei & Xiao Yanzi (credit: owner/Google)

So the story circled around two girls who happened to cross-path with each other, then because of some complicated situations they have to live alongside the emperor and his family in the palace. One of them was the child of the emperor from his unofficial concubine. Later on the other one was adopted too by the emperor, and both of them became princesses of Qing.

The story is so touching even I can feel it in my bone until now. It has many funny scenes also sad ones. So it was very entertaining for many people and the series was a hit in some Asian countries. For me, the story is simply an inspiration.


Xiao Yanzi & Wu A Ge Yongqi (credit: owner/Google)

I find myself in one of its character, Xiao Yanzi (I even make it as my most used username/alias for many sites and occasions). I can totally relate to her. She is far from perfect, but somehow she is just as human as myself can be.

I love her loveline with Wu A Ge Yongqi. They are so adorable. In the first and second parts of the series, their love story is a breath of fresh air from some serious stuffs going on. Though in the third part, their love story became troublesome also (it is life indeed, and the author had pictured it so right that “no such thing as smooth sailing”).


Huan Zhu Gege, wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui!!! (credit: owner/Google)

And I just have to yell it out loud: I LOVE HUAN ZHU GEGE!!!

It keeps inspiring me up until now. Love, friendship, family life, you name it–it is just simply allround!


Qiong Yao (credit: owner/Google)

To the actors: thank you for making the characters possible. And for Chiung Yao for making this kind of powerful story: you’re a life saviour! I’ve watched several of her TV series (Plum Blossom Branding/Putri Bunga Persik, Ghost Husband/Misteri Perkawinan, Yan Shuo Zhong Luo/Belenggu Pintu Cinta, etc.) and they are really, really good too. She is an excellent author indeed. But to me, nothing beats Huan Zhu Gege. Life changing, period!

(Though watching it now I can’t help to cringe much! The 90’s acting is a little over the top 😂)


Xin Huan Zhu Gege (credit: owner/Google)

Heard they made a remake version of Huan Zhu Gege. I haven’t watched it though, just saw some pictures of the new casts. But since I have not watched it, I feel more for the old casts, they were just perfect.

Anyways, I have the novels (Indonesian version of Huan Zhu Gege and Huan Zhu Gege II; and as far as I know there is no Indonesian version of Huan Zhu Gege III),  the VCDs (Huan Zhu Gege I, II, III), the OST (in form of cassete, and I think I downloaded the OST somewhere from the internet too), many articles from local magazines/tabloid, even the posters and calendar sold on the street 😅.

The level was severely obsessed! 😵 (LOL! I still love it so much, but not as obsessed; probably that time, it was related to puberty, hell yeah 😬😧😂)

I’ll end the post here now. Will post next one later!

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